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PowerGear Bypass Lopper

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This 46-centimeter-long bypass version of the PowerGear series is really sharp! It is particularly suitable for extremely precise cuts that even with the blade tips can be run.
The shape of the blade makes it easy to grasp the branch between the blades.
This Lopper weighs just 500g. It is very well suited for overhead cuts, because of the low weight enables along as well as fatigue-free cutting.
The very sharp cutting blades with utmost precision fresh green with a diameter of up to 28mm. The non-stick coating of the blades reduces the frictional while cutting process. In addition, the blade sharp, even if you already in use. You can, however, be replaced.
Furthermore cuts this branch shears with the EaseCut technology as well as with the intelligent transmission mechanism - both increases the cutting performance without additional effort by the user.
The grips have a pleasant surface, and they are the coloured highlight of this branch shears.

Model: 112200
Cutting mechanism: Bypass
Cutting width: 28mm
Length: 460mm
Weight: 500g
Brand: Fiskars