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Pepper Italiano Seeds

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    Organic seeds of Italian sweet pepper.

    Fruits elongated, pointed, 5 cm wide and 18 long. Thin flesh, bright green thin skin and sweet taste. It turns red when fully mature.

    Transplant when the plants have 5 to 6 true leaves. It can be planted in 25-liter pots.

    It stands out for its capsaicin content, responsible for its spicy flavour. Capsaicin helps lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, increases immunity, and reduces the risk of stomach ulcers.

    Among the minerals, potassium and low sodium concentration stand out, which favours its diuretic effect. In less quantity it also has iron (0.5 mg), phosphorus (25mg) and magnesium (11mg).

    Germination: 15-20 Days
    Content with: 2g
    Brand: Euro Garden