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FP no kink hose system 30m DQP

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The Flopro Smartflo No Kink Hose System tackles the most common challenge faced with hosepipes…kinks! This innovative hose is the first hose that actually unkinks itself. It expands when in use, therefore pushing out any kinks. The hosepipe is flat when not in use for flexibility and to also save on storage space. The Flopro Smartflo is also the first PVC free hose, and the material is recyclable kerbside. The special material is lightweight during use but is extremely durable for all those watering jobs in your garden. Finally, the hose is guaranteed to fit with your watering system.

Set includes: Hose, Hose Tap Connector, Spray Gun Connector, Outdoor Tap Connector and Nozzle
Width expands when in use to push out kinks and twists to keep water flowing through the hose
Hose is flat when not in use for easy storage (75% thinner than traditional hosepipes)
Lightweight, yet durable for heavy duty use
Extra flexible in all weather conditions
100% compatible with all watering brands

The hose comes as a complete set including all connectors and nozzle. These need to be assembled. Simply attach the hose connector to one end of the hose and connect to tap. Attach the water stop connector (with pin inside) to other side of hose and connect with the nozzle, spray gun or sprinkler.