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EBF Vermicompost '5kg' Earthworm Fertilizer

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    Eco Magic Vermi Compost - 5kg

    Vermi composting is the breaking down of organic material through the use of worms, bacteria, and fungi.

    The end product of vermicomposting is a substance called vermi compost or “worm castings”.

    This is a nutrient rich organic substance that can be added to soil to increase its organic matter content and available nutrients.

    Manufactured to maintain the soil fertility and improve its properties
    Main source of essential plant nutrients in slow release form
    Reduces the need for chemical fertilizer and soil pesticides
    Reduces the soil alkalinity and maintains soil pH
    Free of weed and weed seeds
    Free of harmful bacteria, fungus, nematodes and soil borne disease
    Free of toxic material, industrial waste and sludge
    Rejuvenates soil microbial activity
    Free from offensive odour