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Picket Fence

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    Picket fence, wooden blockade, chainlink fence, slats or boards, garden fence - use as fence or barrier to protect a specific space.

    Ideal structure made of wooden materials to keep children and pets away from your yard protecting plants and flowers.

    Garden accessory comes with a sturdy design.

    Often used decoratively for domestic boundaries.

    Picket Fence is simple and yet beautiful, perfect boundary for your garden and playground at home.

    Perfect for gardens, landscaping, flowerbeds, courtyard, paths, border and lawns, or flower planting.

    Material: Canadian Wood
    Dimensions: L100cm x W35cm x H45cm
    Color: Natural

    Custom made orders.
    This product is custom-made by The Garden Concept.
    We can customize the size, color and design as per customer's request.
    Price depends as per customer's desired customization.
    Estimated delivery is subject to change depending on availability.
    For more quantities and placing a special order, contact us to discuss.

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