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Free Delivery in Dubai for Orders Above AED 100
Free Delivery in Dubai for Orders Above AED 100

Ficus Lyrata

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Free delivery in Dubai for orders above AED 100

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Product Description 

Ficus Lyrata, commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, is a captivating indoor plant that effortlessly infuses natural beauty and a touch of sophistication into your home decor. Celebrated for its large, violin-shaped leaves, this resilient and visually appealing plant is an excellent choice for both experienced plant enthusiasts and beginners.

Water: Achieving the right watering balance is crucial for its health. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings, typically every 1-2 weeks. Ensure the pot has proper drainage to prevent overwatering, which can harm the plant. Ficus Lyrata prefers evenly moist but not waterlogged soil.

Light: Position your Ficus Lyrata in a well-lit spot with bright, indirect sunlight. It thrives with at least 4-6 hours of daily indirect light. While it can adapt to lower light conditions, providing more light will encourage healthier growth and larger, more impressive leaves.

Basic Care: Ficus Lyrata is relatively low-maintenance. To maintain its iconic appearance, occasionally wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust. During the growing season (typically spring and summer), fertilize every 4-6 weeks using a balanced, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. Prune as needed to control its size and shape.

Elevate your indoor space with the captivating charm of Ficus Lyrata. Its large, fiddle-shaped leaves and minimal care requirements make it an ideal choice for enhancing your home decor. Transform your living space with this stunning and easy-to-care-for indoor plant today.

NOTE: Indoor Plant, Sold per Piece

The condition of the plant may vary from the image shown in this page. You can expect that there will be some slight variations in the actual product because you are choosing a one-of-a-kind piece from mother nature.

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