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Chimney Starter Large

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    The Rapid Way To Crackling Briquettes
    Rapidfire Chimney Starter Large
    Dimensions: 31.75CM H X 20.57CM W X 32.26CM D
    Material: ‎Aluminium

    The quickest way to crackling briquettes and the nostalgia of charcoal grilling starts with one simple, yet amazing, tool. Every griller's essential sidekick, the Rapidfire Chimney Starter, is the fastest and easiest way to get grilling and start eating.

    Designed for all owners of kettle charcoal grill.
    Ensures quick and reliable lighting of charcoal.
    Has two handles to provide optimal control when pouring hot briquettes.
    Cylindrical canister holds enough charcoal to fill your kettle barbecue.
    Cone-shaped bottom ensures that briquettes light quickly.

    Brand: Weber
    Part#: 7416

    Made in USA.
    Weber Inc. is a publicly traded American manufacturer of charcoal, gas, and electric outdoor grills with related accessories.