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Mari Gold Tall Double Mix Seeds

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    Produces single or double flowers in orange and yellow mixture. Prefer sunny locations. Use beds, borders, and rows.

    Flowering time: June - September
    Flower seeds.
    Annual plant.
    Transplant when the seedlings have 4 - 6 leaves.

    The flowers are yellow and orange. Planting marigolds in the garden can prove very helpful. The flowers brighten a garden, working on healing the land and neighboring plants (chasing away snails) from the plant you can make a healing ointment (bruises, burns, rashes, spots, inflammation), also it can be used to supplement young leaves to salads, soups, risottos, and desserts. If you cut off the flowers in a vase, do it when they are not completely open.

    Flower colours: Multicolour
    Brand: Euro Garden