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Bougainvillea One Head (Ceramic Pot)

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Bougainvillea is a popular ornamental plant known for its brightly colored bracts that bloom in shades of pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, and white. The "1 Head Mix" likely refers to a pack of bougainvillea plants, each of which has a single, well-developed head or central shoot. These plants may be grown in pots or in the ground, and they typically require well-draining soil, regular watering, and a lot of sunlight to thrive. Some bougainvillea varieties can be quite vigorous and sprawling, while others are more compact and bushy. Regardless of the growth habit, all bougainvillea plants are prized for their long-lasting and showy blooms, which can brighten up a garden or patio throughout the year in warm climates.

Approximately 150cm height in ceramic pot.

The external condition of the plant may vary from the image shown on this page. You can expect that there will be some slight variations in the actual product because you are choosing a one-of-a-kind piece from mother nature.